Fotogalleri för Vilairö

485 viewsBreakfast at Makoba Woods Campsite, together with our companions: Dinah, Anne and Komtsha.
Photo: © Anja Budischewski
718 viewsReady for a hike at the Female Hill. After sunrise the temperature is soon rising to 25-30 degrees Celsius.
Photo: © Elisabet Jansson
486 viewsOur destination this morning: the Snake (or Rhino) Cave. A magic place with at least 100.000 years old spoor of human beings.
Photo: © Anja Budischewski
564 viewsExcept for the big snake there are also rock paintings in this cave.
Photo: © Anja Budischewski
651 viewsKomtsha and Anne in the mouth of the cave.
Photo: © Elisabet Jansson
476 viewsIt was good to find a helping hand during the climbing down from the cave.
Photo: © Anja Budischewski
553 viewsIn the afternoon we hiked round the Female Hill, The Rhino Trail, and were impressed and fascinated over a great quantity of rock paintings. Joseph was our guide.
Photo: © Anja Budischewski
669 viewsThree bushmen and several geometric symbols.
Photo: © Elisabet Jansson
562 viewsAnother name of Tsodilo Hills is The Cupper Hills - here in sunset.
Photo: © Anja Budischewski
666 viewsSome of the fittest members of our group climbed the Male Hill in the morning. I think that they really got credit for their effort.
Photo: © Anja Budischewski
716 viewsThe Kalahari Basin beneath our feet.
Photo: © Anja Budischewski
737 viewsThe boat trip on the Okavango river near Shakawe was very welcomed. So much water and green plants - really a contrast compared to the Kalahari Desert in wintertime.
© Anja Budischewski
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